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Monday, December 16, 2013

Ah yes the Holidays....It has been crazy for me since summer.  In the fall when I wasn't working on the Shared Seasons farm I was canning and freezing our bounty from the farm.  I worked until Nov 8th and that following Monday I started working virtually fulltime at Hounsell's greenhouse designing wreaths.  Although it was awesome fun I am soooo glad to be back home to do what I do better, taking proper care of my family.
I am so blessed to have this opportunity to do so as my husband make enough for me to do so.  This has not always been the case in my 41 years of life as I started working when I was 16.  I worked off and on through high school leading me to working at a paint roller factory for 5 years.  When I decided I didn't want to work that hard the rest of my life I started going to school fulltime at Marian College and working fulltime at Mercury Security .  I proceeded to do so even after having my first child and a home with my beloved.  Yes my husband works hard to provide so I can stay home.  He wants it that way and so do I.  I am writing this because so many people don't get it.  I feel like I have to protect and explain our life style to people.  I bake bread  and make homemade stuff because it is good for my family and way more inexpensive to do so than buy processed.  I do work it just so happens to be at home.  So put that in your pipe and smoke it and please stop judging me....

Thursday, August 29, 2013

My heart is set on things within!

So today I was reading a sale magazine for a local christian book store and one of the saying on a some merchandise struct me.  "Set your hearts on things above."  WRONG!!!  I am a Christian and my perspective on the divinity is he isn't floating above, the holy spirit is right here within the hearts of everyone always.  I don't like the prospective of the even he, our God is male or female, but yet is father and mother to us.  Mother earth, father time, holy spirit love divine.  I think people get a big misconception as God is sitting on his big fatherly throne in heaven waiting for us to come join him.  I think we are all in trouble if this is the case.  If we all new God was in our hearts always we may rethink what we do in life.  What we do to ourselves, our body is the temple OF God.  Others, we would realize there is God in all of us we may just not hate.  My blog is here for me to speak out loud of my natural living, my natural life and my natural love for the Lord in me.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Yesterday we planted, and planted and planted.  There is no other word for what I felt, tired.  But after a shower, supper and a cup of iced coffee, oh and a couple of ibuprophin, I was better.  After all I am over 40!  I love farming.  There is something really fullfilling to plant then see what you have done to the earth;  to create food for your family.  Nourishment, sustanance, life.  Amen!
The CSA I work on is called Shared Seasons Community Farm located at W1872 Co Rd HHH, Malone Wi.  The owners are Paul and Sara Huber #920-251-0200 or 920-251-5908.  Call if you are interested in buying a share or what I do, working for your shares.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

My first day at the farm

Ah strawberries,  good juicy sweet, summer in your mouth.  Not your average store bought but a fresh one from a local farm.  There is nothing like it.  This is one of the many things that will be in my share from the CSA farm I am working at this summer. I started to do my work share yesterday.  Hard work, good work, achey work, God's work.  I loved every minute of it. Working the land, to feed my family.  That is all I needed to keep me going.  Yesterday I planted seedlings of broccoli, brussel sprout, and cabbage.  Then I weeded for two hours!  But it just flew by because I was weeding, not spraying toxic chemicals but weeding the parsnips.  We had to make sure they didn't get choked off by the weeds so we could have a beautiful long white carrot like root vegetable that I love.  That is why it wasn't so hard for me to do.  Working for a share of food is a labor of love, love for your family, for the land, for myself.  Yes I am sore today but a good sore.  Beats any workout!

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Namaste Summer

Ah summer.  We are, as usual going to be busy.  We have many trips and vacations planned.  We love to give our children experiences, life long memories they will cherish.  The kids and I start out going to Camp at Pilgrim Center in lovely Green lake.  I love it there, and so does my oldest as he has been going to camp since he was in 2nd grade.  I am going to Mom and me camp with the littles.  My two youngest.  It will be something very wonderful for us.  My wonderful husband Christian(holding up to his namesake) will be on the mission trip with the teens from our church.  Even though I will deeply miss him I know its good for the soul to do unto others.
The God within me salutes the God within you- Namaste.  I say it all the time.  Namaste puts love into a greeting.  It reminds us of our own divinity.  We are all one with God.  Everything about us is.  When I doubt heavenly existance I have to remember that.  God has always been here.  We don't go to see divinity in heaven because we never have been without Divinity.  Remembering we all have divinity helps us to overcome and be one with all humanity, with God.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Small Hands....

There is something that has been troubling me since Saturday, the mindset of...."if it isn't in my backyard I don't have to think about it right!!  Wrong!  Here is another scenario-Put your own 5, 9, 12 year old child making that dress, digging in that trench to find that beautiful gem your are wearing, or making your cleaning supplies that can't be manufactured in our country because of the toxicity.  Ok there you go, now it is in your backyard.  You son comes home, from work can't keep his eyes open.  He doesn't have time for homework or better yet he has never learned to read because he has been cutting patterns all day.  He will never go to school learn to read or have a successful job because he has been working like this since he was 5.  I know this is a harsh reality but this is what many children in third world countries have to deal with everyday.  Ponder that and pray that you make the right decision the next time you are know where!

Friday, May 24, 2013

Its a cool morning in Wisconsin, 40 degrees, but not at all unusual for May.  We rode our bikes to school, my little girl with her Trek tag along.  I am confident that she is safe on it.  We love our bikes in this house as you know!
I am excited that my husband and I have our first real gig together for Art in the Park, Sunday June 2nd at Lakeside Park in Fond du Lac.  We will be doing some material we have done for fun, in church and some stuff that our Friend Kim Koshnick has written.  He is a seasoned musician and who is also performing with us.  Kim as mentored my husband musically for the past 3 years, Who better to help us.  I have performed musically all my life, from Sunday School as a youth all the way through college where I received my BA in Music from Marian University.   It is only one our passions.   
This is some other things Christian and I have passion for, God, family, health, sustainability and of course music. I took a survey online recently to find what we value most.    We are so blessed and lucky for what we have.  I never take anything for granted.  When I was 19 years old I lost my father to a heart attack.  He was 56 years old.  That is young!   I want my family to have a fun, happy, healthy life.  I get a bit worked up when I see the stresses of life put a toil on my husband.  It worries me.  I sometimes don't give my worries to the Lord as I should.  I so wish sometimes I had the Amish mindset of,  as it should be.  We as humans can only do so much in life to make us happy and healthy, God does the rest.  I am sometimes ashamed for my doubt of what God can do, but know the Divine is there for me no matter what happens in life makes it so much more bearable.  God has a plan always.  

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Oh those succulent spears of green, asparagus!  I have fond memories of this prized vegie.  When my father was young he was a farmer, annnnd farmers new where those lovely spears grew, mostly in ditches along farm land.  Back in the day when you couldn't just go to the grocery store year around for any produce(yes I am THAT  old).  We used to go for a drive in the late spring to find these lovelies!.  Dad would know just the best places, and when a farmer would yell, Dad would just say the ditches were public property.  That would shout them up.  When we had enough to make a meal, yes that would be it!  We would go home and Mom would saute in butter first then pour some wonderful BGH free Wisconsin milk over the top. Delish!  So I hold great value in the asparagus vegetable.  I am a bit scared to grow it, but heck I have a big yard, I shall try it!
It has been a crazy spring!  I swear I have been busy everyday.  But everything is exciting.  I am involved in a food related social justice group in town now.  Really in Fondy, no way!  Yes they're are like people like me in this crazy town.  So what I am aiming for is  to start a community garden in the huge lot we have at church and I am going to tackle the school lunch program.  This is a biggy and will be a rough one as I will have to address the school board not just the PTO.  But I am up for the challenge.  What the hay.
It is bike to work week.  Chris bikes to work everyday!  Gotta love him!

This is way different what I am used to touching in my blog but thought I should address it.  Are you a conservative?  I am conservative, with the way I live my life as a whole. Hang wash on the line, my other car is a bike, We grow food, we buy used.  We even share a bath.  The list goes on and on. But am I a conservative?  Yes and no.  Politically no, the way I live my life yes!  So why is it that people that just so happens to live more conservatively tend to be liberals?  You know what? How dare they say they are conservative because they is nothing I can see conservative about them.  They are for big business and big paychecks, the only thing is they don't want that to change.  So that is what makes them conservative?  The US population really should step back and see.....hummm?

Monday, April 29, 2013

We are the Food Police!

Ahhhhhhhh.....the wedding is over!!!  My sis just got married last wedding and I swear I did and spent more than my own wedding!
Anyway onward!  So we are getting all the bikes ready and will be making our annual bike ride to church just in time for Mothers Day.  Yes ecogeek me only asked my family to take the long 40min ride to church for my Mothers Day gift and maybeeeee some annuals in a hanging basket would be nice too(Hint Hint!!) I love my bike, if I have to chose between my bike and my van I would chose it every time.  Ahhh yes.
So this Thursday I am very excited to be participating in a food related Social Justice group in Fond du Lac. I am hoping this will begin to educate our community to really what they are eating and why it is so important to eat organic whole and real food.  My focus is to perhaps revamp the school lunch program here in town that is need so badly.  Not so much for my own children but rather for the children that ONLY  get food from school.  The reason I feel there is a need is once a week I would join my two youngest children for breakfast.  The balance is really lacking.  So do you think a sweet roll and piece of toast is balance?  Or perhaps a soggy piece of waffle and a piece of toast is?  Oh they have fruit available but hardly none of these kids even pick it up.  This is very troubling to me.  So we have kids that tend my be overweight but undernourished.  This is why it is important.  We are in charge as adults, to care for the children of this community, and I plan to do my best!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

How can I afford not too!

Monday, my Mom, her friend Diane, my daughter and I went to a Semina's, a new restaurant in the old Retlaw hotel serving local, virtually all organic food.  My daughter had the grassfeed beef burger, I knew it was as that is what I give my family at home.  I had the free range chicken unwich.  It was wrapped in lettuce!  I love that as I am watching my carbs.  They are doing more and more research and findings all those carbohydrates are really what is making us fat.  But everything in moderation.  Anyway, it was good.  I am giving them a plug because I would really like to see an organic local food movement start in Fond du Lac.  Our fine town has some very picky eaters so having a restaurant go over is big.  Good luck to them and please patronize them.
So when I was having this lovely dinner, my Mom's friend  says to me:  "how can you afford to feed your family organic food?"  I said:  HOW CAN I AFFORD NOT TOO!  Really, with having the knowledge that I have about conventional food laden with artificial colors and flavoring using some word I can't pro nose, high fructose corn syrup, antibiotics,  GMO-genetic modified organisms,  BGH,  vegies and fruit full of pesticides, herbicides and who knows what else.  Really, how can you afford not too.  How could I feed my kids stuff I knew could lead to cancer, heart disease, diabetes, obesity the di-sease goes on and on.  I feel we have an obligation to our creator to take care of the children we created.  It is really caring for the earth as a whole because we are part of the whole.
We all have our priorities, things that we find of importance in our lives, things that we feel we can't live without, and this- good healthy natural living, to me and my family is what I put of great value.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Holy Week Minefulness

Be mindful in everything you do.  We all would love to do this right?  I did just that as I cleaned my outdated upstairs bathroom.  I prepared my cleaning solution, water, vinegar, drop of all natural dish soap and a drop of essential oil.  Went up a went to work on my beautiful home.  Things I took for granted,  I have a home to clean. I have running water.  I have a husband that works hard outside the home so I don't have too.  We don't think of our lives like this everyday.  This mindful thinking helped me to be more mindful of what our Lord wants us to be.
I song comes to mind, "If we are the body" by Casting Crowns.  "If we are the body, why aren't these arms reaching, hands healing, why aren't these words teaching...,  we need to be the body of Christ, in our words and actions.  In everything.  Jesus said(Matthew  25:42-45_For I was hungry and you gave me nothing to eat, I was thirsty and you gave me nothing to drink, I was a stranger and you did not invite me in, I needed clothes and you did not clothe me, I was sick and in prison and you did not look after me.  he replied I tell you the truth, whatever you did not do for one of the these, you do not do for me.
What I am trying to get at is my mindfulness made me think of how fortunate I am in my life and how I need to be the body of Christ in my life.  The Lord made us stewards of the earth, to take care of it and to care for the people on it. Be mindful and your life will be lifted in everything you do.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Thoughts of an old friend dying of cancer today stirs my brain today.  You don't have to dig deep to find that nutrition is the heart of our vitality.  Being that said I strive everyday to feed my family and myself a healthy balanced diet.  Today this is my breakfast,  quinoa with blueberries, applesauce and some walnuts to garnish.  No added junk!!  For those that don't know about quinoa ( it is a wonderful asset to any one's diet.  Considered a whole protein(like Meat!!!!) if you want to be a vegan you can get all the protein you need from this grain that originated in South America.  This is also a really awesome breakfast for those of you that have a gluten allergy as it is virtually gluten free.  The reason I say this is because when processed it may contain traces of gluten for those who have a severe allergy.  You can get it at most supermarkets and my favorite place to go Village Market ( ).  They have it in the bulk bin, way cheaper that way.
People need to realize we do have alternatives to meat and potatoes and we all need to break free of the typical American diet consumed with meat, corn, dairy, sugar, and wheat.  The old rules of a proper diet is dead wrong.  We need to eat more vegies and fruits and grains.  We need to eat more whole foods.  Our bodies work better when we fuel it with wonderful things.
I can always tell how I feel in the morning after having excess.  My fingers are swellen, I am groggy and lethargic.  I frankly have a food hangover!   You really are what you eat!

Monday, March 11, 2013

Having thoughts of spring...

I didn't log in last week, wow a stay-at-home mom busy, no way!  We bought an almost new(2012) Dodge caravan, very nice but virtually the same van as we had but newer, nicer less miles you know!!  Anyway, this is our only as Christian my hubby rides his bike to work, that's right, in Wisconsin winters he rides to work.  I do drive him occasionally when the weather is not favorable for riding but he really likes it AND he wanted a Les Paul more.  You know priorities.  Anyone that don't know what a Les Paul is, its a guitar!
Anyway I have been really biting at the bit to ride my own bike.  I am not that daring to ride in winter.  It rained last night so I am hoping spring is just around the corner, but alas I should know better, I do live in Wisconsin!  So my munchkins are little yet, 4 and 7 and riding a 4 year old on a typical toddler bike seat is no longer an options soooo,  see the above,  We are building a rickshaw bike for the littles!!
Last fall we bought a adult tricycle and we are hoping it looks like the one above.  It would be plenty of room for my little man and woman to ride!  I told the hubby this is top on my list.(honeydoo)  It is just not a good idea for my Tristan to ride his own bike on busy Fond du Lac streets and Ivy is still too young for the tag-a-long bike. Tristan still has a problem at times,on the tag-a-log so this is our best bet.  I will post a picture when we are done!
We are moving right along with our 4/1 Earth at church.  I have to get together all the books, DVD, documentaries and magazines that reference being ecoconscience by Thursday when we have our next meeting.  I am in charge of of 2 movie nights.  I will let my local friends know when we will be having it and I am doing a presentation on natural cleaning products.  I got Christian in on the act.  A few year back I asked for a rain barrel for my birthday.  I never ask for normal stuff!!  He did such a beautiful job I volunteered him to do a presentation on it, and you know what?  He actually don't mine.  I guess I am rubbing off on him!

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Thinking out loud

Yes this is the typical Wisconsin winter, heavy snow and alot of it.  It was my workout today, shoveling.  The kiddos have a two hour delay so my little girl, Ivy will not have school today as she is a 4ker.
I thought I would touch on my world a bit and talk of yoga.  I have been doing yoga for 12 years now, total dedication for the past 4 years.  I love it!  When you are over 40 and have creeks and aches you didn't have before it is a blessing, and the spiritual side to it is an added bonus.  I have been mostly doing routines online with a guide.  But my guru Rodney Yee,(never meet him, but would love to!) said until you do a yoga session alone...well it was wonderful!  I felt no pressure to do certain asana a certain way, no rushing.  It was great.  I even sat in meditation for a bit longer.  Now after I do my stationary bike I do some sun salutations.  I don't feel achy after and I feel more grounded throughout the day.  This is one of those moments when you just know you are doing the right thing for your body.  I am taking care of the temple that divine has giving me to house my soul.  Isn't life wonderful!

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

My life is never dull

My church Pilgrim UCC has a wonderful adult education program.  It is held during Sunday school.  I occasionally go, that is if the subject peaks my interest.  The last two weeks has been on local food and where to find it.  Of course that interested me!  The first class gave reasons why, such as fresher, using less resource to get it to you, knowing where your food is coming from etc.  Well that really was exciting.  Paul and Sara Huber, the couple that did the presentation is starting a CSA  farm this summer.  Those of you who are not familiar with CSA it is community supported agriculture. You get a "share" for an annual price, approximately  $40 a week.  So I know I spend way more that that a week on produce!  This is the exciting part, I am going to work the farm for me share!  For each share it is 4 hours a week.  I can handle that!  I love gardening and to work with a young couple that has even more passion that me that is a bonus.  I will be starting in April, I am sure I will have plenty of fun stuff to say when that time comes.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Something new

Nothing excites me more than the prospect of starting something new in my world.  My church, Pilgrim UCC is starting a green church project and I am co-chair!  Fun Fun.  Boy do I have ideas.  First and foremost we need to get toxic cleaning supplies out of there!!  At home, we use completely natural products.  Vinegar and baking soda are my favorite go to cleaners.  I use vinegar for cleaning my floors, walls, and windows and baking soda is my scouring powder.  You know like comet but without the toxic chemicals in it.  I use that for my sinks and toilet (with a little vinegar it effervesces and and really cleans!  I also make my own laundry detergent, thank-you Duggar family for the recipe(Its on the family website), and that works too!  I will keep you posted on the progress.
So while we are on the subject of church, as many of you know the Lenten season is upon us.  Every year I rethink what I would like to "give up" for lent.  This year its sugar, I am an addict I admit it.  We all have our demons and mine looks like a big piece of chocolate cake.  Made with all natural ingredients of course!  I have been reading "Made to Crave" to help me through this season and by the way terrific book.  Just because it is permissible doesn't mean it should be over indulged.  Love this idea, we all need to look at our own demons in life and be reminded that the Divine is here for us no matter if it is Lent or not.
Sometimes Lent can be starting anew like planning a vegetable garden for your family, or perhaps a community garden on your church property.  I have pined through this for years.  Recently my minister "Paster Ted"  had a post on FB about feeding the hungry.  You can give a man a fish and feed him for a day but if you teach a man to fish he will eat the rest of his life.  Anyway, we have all this land just sitting there be wasted, why not have a garden where if you work and help tend it you can have the bounty from it.  This is also on my agenda.   I love life, God is good!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

So this is where it starts....

I have a tendency to write this whenever I post something, I always feel I am not finished saying something,   and my friends know I always have more to say. So that is why I am blogging now.  When I am passionate about something such as my health and the health of my friends and family I can't seem to stop.  So that is where  the .... comes from, and you will see me use it A LOT!
 I started feeling the pull of healthy living on and off for the last ten years or so but haven't really practiced what I preached.  When I was pregnant with my middle child Tristan now 7 I ate right and did yoga every day.  Oh did that go by the wayside after I had him.  You know the story, "Oh I'm too tired to exercise or make something healthy for my family."  So in between my last two children I did just that, existed.  When my daughter was born, "that's it, no more fooling around"  I had to get healthy and have a healthy family.  So I joined a weight watchers.  In the beginning it really worked for me losing nearly 45lbs and started to workout again.  But eating all those processed foods and losing weight just didn't make sense to me.  I started watching documentaries and reading book after book on healthy living. You want to talk about scary!    More on that later....
So here I am 40 years old trying, yes trying to be healthy live healthy and feed my children and husband good healthy, fresh and homemade stuff.  Today I made, yogurt, sour cream and jam.  I don't know if I will blog everyday but I will keep you posted!