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Monday, April 29, 2013

We are the Food Police!

Ahhhhhhhh.....the wedding is over!!!  My sis just got married last wedding and I swear I did and spent more than my own wedding!
Anyway onward!  So we are getting all the bikes ready and will be making our annual bike ride to church just in time for Mothers Day.  Yes ecogeek me only asked my family to take the long 40min ride to church for my Mothers Day gift and maybeeeee some annuals in a hanging basket would be nice too(Hint Hint!!) I love my bike, if I have to chose between my bike and my van I would chose it every time.  Ahhh yes.
So this Thursday I am very excited to be participating in a food related Social Justice group in Fond du Lac. I am hoping this will begin to educate our community to really what they are eating and why it is so important to eat organic whole and real food.  My focus is to perhaps revamp the school lunch program here in town that is need so badly.  Not so much for my own children but rather for the children that ONLY  get food from school.  The reason I feel there is a need is once a week I would join my two youngest children for breakfast.  The balance is really lacking.  So do you think a sweet roll and piece of toast is balance?  Or perhaps a soggy piece of waffle and a piece of toast is?  Oh they have fruit available but hardly none of these kids even pick it up.  This is very troubling to me.  So we have kids that tend my be overweight but undernourished.  This is why it is important.  We are in charge as adults, to care for the children of this community, and I plan to do my best!

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