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Thursday, August 29, 2013

My heart is set on things within!

So today I was reading a sale magazine for a local christian book store and one of the saying on a some merchandise struct me.  "Set your hearts on things above."  WRONG!!!  I am a Christian and my perspective on the divinity is he isn't floating above, the holy spirit is right here within the hearts of everyone always.  I don't like the prospective of the even he, our God is male or female, but yet is father and mother to us.  Mother earth, father time, holy spirit love divine.  I think people get a big misconception as God is sitting on his big fatherly throne in heaven waiting for us to come join him.  I think we are all in trouble if this is the case.  If we all new God was in our hearts always we may rethink what we do in life.  What we do to ourselves, our body is the temple OF God.  Others, we would realize there is God in all of us we may just not hate.  My blog is here for me to speak out loud of my natural living, my natural life and my natural love for the Lord in me.

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