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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Small Hands....

There is something that has been troubling me since Saturday, the mindset of...."if it isn't in my backyard I don't have to think about it right!!  Wrong!  Here is another scenario-Put your own 5, 9, 12 year old child making that dress, digging in that trench to find that beautiful gem your are wearing, or making your cleaning supplies that can't be manufactured in our country because of the toxicity.  Ok there you go, now it is in your backyard.  You son comes home, from work can't keep his eyes open.  He doesn't have time for homework or better yet he has never learned to read because he has been cutting patterns all day.  He will never go to school learn to read or have a successful job because he has been working like this since he was 5.  I know this is a harsh reality but this is what many children in third world countries have to deal with everyday.  Ponder that and pray that you make the right decision the next time you are know where!

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