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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

So this is where it starts....

I have a tendency to write this whenever I post something, I always feel I am not finished saying something,   and my friends know I always have more to say. So that is why I am blogging now.  When I am passionate about something such as my health and the health of my friends and family I can't seem to stop.  So that is where  the .... comes from, and you will see me use it A LOT!
 I started feeling the pull of healthy living on and off for the last ten years or so but haven't really practiced what I preached.  When I was pregnant with my middle child Tristan now 7 I ate right and did yoga every day.  Oh did that go by the wayside after I had him.  You know the story, "Oh I'm too tired to exercise or make something healthy for my family."  So in between my last two children I did just that, existed.  When my daughter was born, "that's it, no more fooling around"  I had to get healthy and have a healthy family.  So I joined a weight watchers.  In the beginning it really worked for me losing nearly 45lbs and started to workout again.  But eating all those processed foods and losing weight just didn't make sense to me.  I started watching documentaries and reading book after book on healthy living. You want to talk about scary!    More on that later....
So here I am 40 years old trying, yes trying to be healthy live healthy and feed my children and husband good healthy, fresh and homemade stuff.  Today I made, yogurt, sour cream and jam.  I don't know if I will blog everyday but I will keep you posted!

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