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Monday, December 16, 2013

Ah yes the Holidays....It has been crazy for me since summer.  In the fall when I wasn't working on the Shared Seasons farm I was canning and freezing our bounty from the farm.  I worked until Nov 8th and that following Monday I started working virtually fulltime at Hounsell's greenhouse designing wreaths.  Although it was awesome fun I am soooo glad to be back home to do what I do better, taking proper care of my family.
I am so blessed to have this opportunity to do so as my husband make enough for me to do so.  This has not always been the case in my 41 years of life as I started working when I was 16.  I worked off and on through high school leading me to working at a paint roller factory for 5 years.  When I decided I didn't want to work that hard the rest of my life I started going to school fulltime at Marian College and working fulltime at Mercury Security .  I proceeded to do so even after having my first child and a home with my beloved.  Yes my husband works hard to provide so I can stay home.  He wants it that way and so do I.  I am writing this because so many people don't get it.  I feel like I have to protect and explain our life style to people.  I bake bread  and make homemade stuff because it is good for my family and way more inexpensive to do so than buy processed.  I do work it just so happens to be at home.  So put that in your pipe and smoke it and please stop judging me....

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