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Monday, March 11, 2013

Having thoughts of spring...

I didn't log in last week, wow a stay-at-home mom busy, no way!  We bought an almost new(2012) Dodge caravan, very nice but virtually the same van as we had but newer, nicer less miles you know!!  Anyway, this is our only as Christian my hubby rides his bike to work, that's right, in Wisconsin winters he rides to work.  I do drive him occasionally when the weather is not favorable for riding but he really likes it AND he wanted a Les Paul more.  You know priorities.  Anyone that don't know what a Les Paul is, its a guitar!
Anyway I have been really biting at the bit to ride my own bike.  I am not that daring to ride in winter.  It rained last night so I am hoping spring is just around the corner, but alas I should know better, I do live in Wisconsin!  So my munchkins are little yet, 4 and 7 and riding a 4 year old on a typical toddler bike seat is no longer an options soooo,  see the above,  We are building a rickshaw bike for the littles!!
Last fall we bought a adult tricycle and we are hoping it looks like the one above.  It would be plenty of room for my little man and woman to ride!  I told the hubby this is top on my list.(honeydoo)  It is just not a good idea for my Tristan to ride his own bike on busy Fond du Lac streets and Ivy is still too young for the tag-a-long bike. Tristan still has a problem at times,on the tag-a-log so this is our best bet.  I will post a picture when we are done!
We are moving right along with our 4/1 Earth at church.  I have to get together all the books, DVD, documentaries and magazines that reference being ecoconscience by Thursday when we have our next meeting.  I am in charge of of 2 movie nights.  I will let my local friends know when we will be having it and I am doing a presentation on natural cleaning products.  I got Christian in on the act.  A few year back I asked for a rain barrel for my birthday.  I never ask for normal stuff!!  He did such a beautiful job I volunteered him to do a presentation on it, and you know what?  He actually don't mine.  I guess I am rubbing off on him!

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