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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

How can I afford not too!

Monday, my Mom, her friend Diane, my daughter and I went to a Semina's, a new restaurant in the old Retlaw hotel serving local, virtually all organic food.  My daughter had the grassfeed beef burger, I knew it was as that is what I give my family at home.  I had the free range chicken unwich.  It was wrapped in lettuce!  I love that as I am watching my carbs.  They are doing more and more research and findings all those carbohydrates are really what is making us fat.  But everything in moderation.  Anyway, it was good.  I am giving them a plug because I would really like to see an organic local food movement start in Fond du Lac.  Our fine town has some very picky eaters so having a restaurant go over is big.  Good luck to them and please patronize them.
So when I was having this lovely dinner, my Mom's friend  says to me:  "how can you afford to feed your family organic food?"  I said:  HOW CAN I AFFORD NOT TOO!  Really, with having the knowledge that I have about conventional food laden with artificial colors and flavoring using some word I can't pro nose, high fructose corn syrup, antibiotics,  GMO-genetic modified organisms,  BGH,  vegies and fruit full of pesticides, herbicides and who knows what else.  Really, how can you afford not too.  How could I feed my kids stuff I knew could lead to cancer, heart disease, diabetes, obesity the di-sease goes on and on.  I feel we have an obligation to our creator to take care of the children we created.  It is really caring for the earth as a whole because we are part of the whole.
We all have our priorities, things that we find of importance in our lives, things that we feel we can't live without, and this- good healthy natural living, to me and my family is what I put of great value.

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