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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

My first day at the farm

Ah strawberries,  good juicy sweet, summer in your mouth.  Not your average store bought but a fresh one from a local farm.  There is nothing like it.  This is one of the many things that will be in my share from the CSA farm I am working at this summer. I started to do my work share yesterday.  Hard work, good work, achey work, God's work.  I loved every minute of it. Working the land, to feed my family.  That is all I needed to keep me going.  Yesterday I planted seedlings of broccoli, brussel sprout, and cabbage.  Then I weeded for two hours!  But it just flew by because I was weeding, not spraying toxic chemicals but weeding the parsnips.  We had to make sure they didn't get choked off by the weeds so we could have a beautiful long white carrot like root vegetable that I love.  That is why it wasn't so hard for me to do.  Working for a share of food is a labor of love, love for your family, for the land, for myself.  Yes I am sore today but a good sore.  Beats any workout!

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