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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Oh those succulent spears of green, asparagus!  I have fond memories of this prized vegie.  When my father was young he was a farmer, annnnd farmers new where those lovely spears grew, mostly in ditches along farm land.  Back in the day when you couldn't just go to the grocery store year around for any produce(yes I am THAT  old).  We used to go for a drive in the late spring to find these lovelies!.  Dad would know just the best places, and when a farmer would yell, Dad would just say the ditches were public property.  That would shout them up.  When we had enough to make a meal, yes that would be it!  We would go home and Mom would saute in butter first then pour some wonderful BGH free Wisconsin milk over the top. Delish!  So I hold great value in the asparagus vegetable.  I am a bit scared to grow it, but heck I have a big yard, I shall try it!
It has been a crazy spring!  I swear I have been busy everyday.  But everything is exciting.  I am involved in a food related social justice group in town now.  Really in Fondy, no way!  Yes they're are like people like me in this crazy town.  So what I am aiming for is  to start a community garden in the huge lot we have at church and I am going to tackle the school lunch program.  This is a biggy and will be a rough one as I will have to address the school board not just the PTO.  But I am up for the challenge.  What the hay.
It is bike to work week.  Chris bikes to work everyday!  Gotta love him!

This is way different what I am used to touching in my blog but thought I should address it.  Are you a conservative?  I am conservative, with the way I live my life as a whole. Hang wash on the line, my other car is a bike, We grow food, we buy used.  We even share a bath.  The list goes on and on. But am I a conservative?  Yes and no.  Politically no, the way I live my life yes!  So why is it that people that just so happens to live more conservatively tend to be liberals?  You know what? How dare they say they are conservative because they is nothing I can see conservative about them.  They are for big business and big paychecks, the only thing is they don't want that to change.  So that is what makes them conservative?  The US population really should step back and see.....hummm?

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